Pako io

Welcome to game, where you will play a warrior with a spear in your hand. You will go not to hunt, but to fight, where you have to save your life and take the lives of enemies.

In this game, your best companions will be dexterity, speed and accuracy. To destroy the enemy you need to take a good aim and shoot when the opponent has removed his shield and begins to aim at you. The enemies will go one by one and you must destroy their maximum number. For this you will receive gold coins, which you can spend on a new shield or a new improved spear.

Remember, in the history books you come across pictures depicting ancient tribes, where warriors with spears went hunting? So today you will become one of them and will be able to practice in throwing a spear.

Also, on the game board collect balls, which will add bonuses to your game account.

Pako io


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