Paper 3 io

In Paper 3 io, you play as a cube and move across a large field, leaving behind a trail of color. If you return to the area of your color, the path will close and everything inside will be colored. If you close the trail yourself or someone else hits you, you will die.

How to play

The main goal of the game is to capture the biggest piece of the map and not die. What is the difference between the new version of the game and the old one? If earlier players could move only in 4 directions at an angle of 90 degrees, drawing squares and rectangles, now there are no clear boundaries of movement. This makes the battle of players more unexpected and intense. The viewing angle has also increased - now you can better see what is happening around.

In addition, many skins have been added to the game. Thanks to these innovations, the game looks more lively and more interesting. Try to play and you can not stop!

Paper 3 io



To move, use a computer mouse.

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