Pikes io

The main goal of Pikes.io is to survive and destroy the maximum of competitors. The advantage is that no matter what the size of the spear, any opponent is destroyed from one touch of the point. Also, your hero dies instantly. So the game becomes much more interesting, but also more dangerous. Hence, the popular tactics of the game:

  • We grow a sword, we fight in the forehead with weaker ones and at the sight of a more pumped competitor, we try to avoid a fight;
  • Survive, avoiding the accumulation of enemies, more dangerous opponents, try to escape from the battles;
  • Attacking all in a row, straight ahead we move to weak opponents, the strong ones are bypassed from behind, using acceleration.


Instant boost is a skill that allows you to significantly accelerate the character for a short period. Note that its action is not infinite, the skill reserve is indicated on a special scale, and you can fill it up by picking out rectangles from the field.

Interface Pikesio simple enough, in addition to the graph of boost, the screen has two scoreboards. The left shows the points scored, the number of dead and the duration of the round. On the right is a table of leaders, everyone dreams of getting to it.

Skins in Pikes.io depend on loyalty to the creators. Anyone can change the standard color of the character, but to unlock the unique clothes, you should share a link with your friends in one of the social networks or install it on your smartphone. Yes, there is a version for smartphones, so fight for a PC or laptop, and anywhere from a portable device.

Pikes io


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