Po Ba

Poba is a multiplayer game in which you have to play for a character with a trapezoidal head and forms. He is armed and goes to the streets to destroy all enemies. Explore the streets to recognize and neutralize the enemy. Be vigilant, because you will be involved a response shooting. To hide from them, use different objects and buildings.


The main part of the passage in Poba need to fight with enemies. Watch the map, inspect buildings and streets to find ammo and medications. The gameplay is complemented by dangerous missions and entourage from combat vehicles to helicopters. Therefore, the game will be interesting to the male audience, but everyone can try their hand at the game.

How to play Poba

Here you have to destroy a large group of criminals who prey on you. The game is a fascinating shooter with his plot, interesting characters and sometimes difficult gameplay. In a word, it's not just a shooter with missions. You need to finish killing many players, but alone to go to such a job is dangerous. So take your partner and go on a mission. But watch your life, because you are now responsible for what is happening in the game. If you die, you have to start over.

Po Ba


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