Power line io

Power Line io is a bit like Snokio, in which players must control a digital snake. You control the electric color line, which can grow to giant sizes.

Players should be able to make decisions instantly. Otherwise, you will be very difficult on the playing field, where real professionals can meet. In addition, novices appear every minute in the arena of the Power Line io, and it is much easier to deal with such opponents. They must master the skills of controlling the snake, as well as learn all the rules of the game. Multi-colored lines will be intertwined on the playing field, so you need to carefully monitor your snake so as not to collide with the enemy.

How to play Powerline.io

First, fans of multiplayer games are given the opportunity to choose a more suitable name for unique identification. In the special window, enter a nickname and press the Enter button to connect to virtual battles. The direction of the line can be set using the arrows or the WASD keys. You should beware of the boundaries of the playing field, which can kill your character. Try to surround the enemy, gradually squeezing the ring to destroy it. The best players enter the leaderboard and become masters.

Power line io


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