is a mind-blowing game and the genre of io games can be proud of it. It will be necessary to control the emoji, which explodes, incinerating everyone in the district. Then an easy break, during which you need to move away from the other players for safety, and again into battle! The combat mission in is to score points, lead, stay in Top and set records. In order to get points, you need to blow up someone. You will be blown up. To do this, you need to clamp the clicks: your emoji will grow until it explodes, scattering into dozens of pieces. How many people will cover with an explosion, so many points will be given to you.

From those who were covered by the explosion, 2 corpses remain. If you pick them up, your pet will grow in size and speed, but exactly until the first explosion, then it will be blown to its former size. Nevertheless, this advantage: you can run away from the one that is about to explode, and your own explosion will be more extensive, and you will rush faster.

There is one more nuance in that you need to know in order to win. While you are inflating, preparing to explode, you are invulnerable. But if you do not blow up, but release the click, then you will simply be blown away. So you can thus escape from exploding enemies, when there is no time to escape.


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