Raids io

If you are bored with boring io games, then will definitely amuse you. You will become a real bounty hunter among the players who are trying to survive. You find yourself in a place where there is a complete chaos. Each player will fight to win to become the best fighter in the arena. At the beginning of the game, you will be unarmed.

How to play

To start the battle and not to become a victim of their rivals, you need to find a suitable firearm. Arm yourself and find the dinosaur egg from which your pet will hatch. When it hatches and grows, it will become your helper, a loyal friend and protector. He will be very strong and fast. Riding a dinosaur you will have a lot more opportunities and strength. You can destroy houses, turn stones and break cars.


Do not forget that the dinosaur has the same life that you need to protect. Do not overdo it with its capabilities, otherwise you can destroy it yourself. If this happens, you will remain on the battlefield alone. You have to fight alone with hundreds of rabid players game. Some of them will run on horseback on other dinosaurs, and shoot at you like a live target. Control your character and his pet correctly, so that they both remain alive. Good luck in the game!

Raids io


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