Relmz io is an IO game in MMORPG style, where you need to fight monsters, extract resources and most importantly survive in this strange and dangerous world. Think of your nickname and password, because in this game you can save and continue your mission when you want. This is the right decision of the developers, because they made it for your convenience.

In you play a man in the hands of which will be the sword, but it is only in the beginning. If your character will overcome various obstacles and will be able to earn a lot of gold, then you can buy a new, powerful weapon that can destroy the monsters from the first hit. Also, your hero will be able to use magic, which will be available in case you collect a certain amount of gold coins.

The combination of IO game and MMORPG is a bold decision, but the developers managed to combine it and create an amazing game. you really should like it, because there are beautiful 3d graphics, a lot of tasks and the ability to save. This is an evolution among IO games and a great example of how you need to create further applications from this genre. Recommend to your friends this novelty and go for the victory!

Relmz io


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