Reyd io

Reyd io is a new RPG in which you will play as a brave warrior. You have fallen into a fantastic world in which you can meet many unusual creatures. They will try to kill you and take over the world. These strange creatures have incredible magical powers. We must stop them, otherwise the dark forces will destroy our planet.

How to play

Before the start of the battle, you can choose the appropriate character. You will have several options: a brave knight with a sword in his hand; a warrior who shoots destructive balls; samurai with a long stick. When the game starts, you need to take a few steps forward to enter the cave. On the other side of the high mountain, you will begin a battle with magical creatures. They will appear from nowhere and will attack you from all sides.

Some creatures will be able to shoot you with lightning or fireballs. It is always necessary to replenish the level of health in a timely manner so as not to die at the most inappropriate moment. allows players to buy new unlocked weapons and armor for points earned. When you rise in the ranking and get an improved weapon, not a single monster will scare you. Good luck in the game!

Reyd io


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