Play to get into the world of robots that fight each other. This is a cool first-person shooter, which is amazingly traced graphics and special effects. All robots will be divided into two teams, and you need to choose one of them. Then you get to the base where the battle of the iron warriors will begin.

How to play

The game will have a lot of different weapons, which you can use by buying it in the store. You need to earn points. You can also choose a robot from the listed options. Many robots will be blocked and you will have to spend money to unblock them.

In the settings you can choose the image quality. This game has graphic options. Not every gamer can play Robo Fight io with maximum graphics settings, as some may have a weak computer or a poor Internet connection.



To control the robot, click WASD
To shoot, click the left mouse button.
To slide, press SHIFT
Jump press space

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