Rusher io game allows you to become a sword bearer and move into a cool multiplayer. Our hero is a simple ball holding a murderous spear. It is really dangerous, because any contact with a competitor will make it necessary to start the process anew. For character growth, collect food from the card. It makes the sword long, which means it’s easier to hook a pair of enemies at the same time. The size of food directly corresponds to the growth of weapons.

How to play Rusherio?

Control the movement using the cursor. The jerk activation is located on the right click. Kill opponents can be sharp or any side of the knife. The main thing here is tactics, even a competitor with a large spear can be struck down. Not in the forehead, but behind, waiting for a convenient moment and applying acceleration. But the loophole is known to many, so be wary of those entering in the back.

In around, there are regular strong gamers. Do not try to delay, otherwise death will come. By combining tactics, acquired skills and reactions, you will find yourself in a compilation of the coolest. If not, start again until you reach the goal.

Rusher io


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