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To survive in you will not be easy, because here strict rules and great competition among players. The rules you will be familiar with the famous game, which is called The difference here is primarily in the graphics, as this game is created in 3d with beautiful characters and the surrounding area.

At the bottom of the screen you will see five bars, each of which is responsible for a certain life figure. They are marked with icons, and you can immediately understand what each of them means. The main thing is to watch the level of food and water, so that your character can fully live, work and develop. In order to have a hedgehog, you need to regularly go hunting for prey. After a successful hunt, you will find the food in your backpack, which is indicated at the bottom of the screen. It is necessary to click on it that it has opened with all the reserve.

No less important element in the game, it is water. It can be mined in two ways. You have the opportunity to collect water in a flask standing near the river or take away from your opponent. After that, clicking on the Backpack icon, you will be able to get drunk your character.

Do not forget the remaining less important indicators that are responsible for endurance and body temperature, as sometimes they can catch you by surprise.

You need to develop territory, and for this build structures, create your own protection from enemies. Do not lazy to chop trees and collect stones that will be necessary elements for the development of your game territory.

Rusna io


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