Shell Shockers io

Shell Shockers io unblocked is a shooter with unusual characters, which are depicted in the form of eggs. You need to participate in a shootout with armed eggs!

Actions take place at the base, where there are many shelters. Many ShellShockers io players know all the loopholes and places where it is convenient to shoot at opponents. Avoid open spaces so that you are not killed. The egg breaks when hit by enemy bullets.

Shell Shockers io


Shell Shockers io unblocked unblockedIn the hands of your egg will be an automatic rifle, with which you need to shoot at your opponents. To do this, you must take a comfortable position in order to be less visible to other players. The review should be good so you can shoot at the enemy to kill.

Always keep an eye on the number of bullets so that they do not end during the shootout. An updated version of contains more weapons, including grenades. There are also several new maps that are very pleased fans of this game.

On holidays, you can watch the changes in the appearance of the characters. In the new year, eggs can be dressed like snowmen or Santa Claus. On Easter days, killer eggs can be decorated with bright colors.


In order for the egg to start shooting at rivals, you need to click the left mouse button.
To move the egg, click WASD.
To jump, press the spacebar.
The sight moves behind the cursor.

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