ShotWars io

In ShotWars io game you will fall into the world of battles and shootouts. Only accuracy and the ability to shoot will help you cope with all enemies and emerge victors from the most dangerous battles. Before starting the game you need to select one of the servers and enter your nickname.

But that's not all! In the right corner of the game is a list of characters. There are ten of them: a soldier, armed with an AK-47, a sniper, a boxer, a soldier with a rocket launcher, an archer, a cowboy and others. Each of them has a powerful weapon, and you just need to learn how to use it correctly.

ShotWars io


How to play ShotWars io

Once you are on the battlefield, pay attention to the timer, which is located on the top panel of the game in the right corner. The round lasts exactly seven minutes. During this time you must destroy the maximum number of enemies. It will not be so simple, because everyone wants to become a winner and head the top list.

The game has three modes. At the end of each round, all players vote for the mode they like the most. There will be a regime that will receive more votes. This game will be a real gift for fans of multiplayer shooters and survival io games. Good game!

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