Slimes io a bit reminiscent of the meaning of the game, but the differences between them are very significant. You are given 90 seconds to take the first place in the ranking. The winner in this game is the one who will paint his color more territory. Your character is depicted as a square, reminiscent of jelly and it is drawn in 3d graphics. It moves on a white sheet and leaves after itself a color mark. The rest of the players try to paint more space with their paints to take the place of the leader.

In you can also destroy opponents, but to do this, your square need to become more than they. When he grew up, look for his sacrifice, which is smaller than you in size and weight. When you eat it, the size of your hero will increase and you can look for new prey already with more weight than it was before.

Control here habitual, move the mouse for movement. To speed up your slimes click on the left button. Do not forget that the game is given 90 seconds to become a winner. If the time is up and you could not take the first place, start playing again and next time you will be lucky!

Slimes io


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