Sna Craft io is another IO game about snake, which fights for its survival among rivals. This time the developers decided to create an application based on two known games. The first part is taken from “Snake“, the second from “Minecraft“ on the field will be scattered many kinds of animals, which will eat your character. Each animal produces interesting sounds when you attack them. This moment raises the mood of the player and play becomes much more fun.

In there is a basic rule that not every player can know. The head of a snake should not collide with the body, otherwise you will lose. You need to cross the rivals and try to make their head hit on their own or your body. On the territory there are other obstacles that can become a trap for all players. After the snake is destroyed, in its place there are points giving extra points to the player who will pick them up.

The main goal of this game is to score more points and become the longest on the site. You can do this if you follow all the rules and keep yourself in your hands. Control your character by clicking on the arrow keys and achieve the best result among all players!

Sna Craft io


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