Sonic boom .ga is a game in the style of snake-like games. It will be necessary to drive a cool neon snake, collect points to increase the length of your pet and slowly fight with other players.

The main task of is to grow the biggest, and, therefore, the longest snake. For growth, you need to collect points that are scattered here and there on the map. With a shortage of resources, the points can be obtained by destroying another snake. Here everything is simple: if a snake hits the head with its own or someone’s tail, and also strikes the edge of the map, the snake dies, leaving the points of mass on the field. can be singled out and praised for laconism, cool neon design of snakes and a lot of players online. The only thing you need to adjust to the management for the effectiveness of actions. It happens that with a quick change of direction, the snake mates and decides not to execute the last command.

Sonic boom .ga


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