it is widely pumped over all the fronts of Battleio or Karnageio. Of course, we do not compare them, but enjoy the wealth and virtues of both games. Strikeis is a fairly large platform where there are a ton of mods, there are artifacts and you can pump from level to level if you register in the game. It will appeal to those who like not only to shoot and continue to delve into their affairs, but also to return to their character in the game to get weak.

The goal of a game in any of its mods to shoot rivals. This io game offers a variety of weapons, and a fairly diverse set of cards. In the course of the game it is important to monitor your health and the amount of ammunition, that is, all this in time to select. For wins and simply participation in Strikeis, players are credited with a game currency, for which you can buy artifacts that increase combat skills and characteristics.

In addition, in you can create clans, fight at tournaments and create your own private rooms for playing with your friends, all this will also have to be spent playing gold.


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