Takemine io

Takemine.io is a survival game where players have to gather resources for many useful things: archery by rivals, a protective fence and a wigwam that will bring gold. The main task in Takemineio is to mine gold. The more a player has collected gold, the more points he has and the higher he is in the ranking of players. Game plans to develop and subsequently for gold it will be possible to buy something.

Nuance of Takemine.io is that only Wigwams bring gold. Built Wigwams need to be protected, so that they are not demolished by other players, especially those that do not have buildings themselves. For protection, you can put columns of wood, and so close to each other so that the player could not pass between them. Through the openings you can shoot back from the bow.

The primary goal in the game is to collect as many resources as possible: wood and stone for the construction of wigwams and protective posts. In addition, the tree is necessary for arrows. Apples are not needed for buildings, but they can replenish health.

By teaming up with other players via chat, you can build the base by joint efforts. Cover the fence with more territory with resources, put the Wigwams and defend themselves from strangers, periodically making sorties for reconnaissance and attack. Takemine.io is a fun and fun game that can be called a simulator of a community settlement.

Takemine io


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