Team ball io game is a variation of football, from browser-based multiplayer applications. Uncomplicated management and a high-quality graphic component, allow any player to join the world of sports battles. Battling face to face with an animated opponent, you will have to act cunningly, although straightforward tactics can become victorious. To save earned points, register, then there will be points for goals scored, exchanged for beautiful clothes.

Before you start Teamballio, enter a name and select a server, and you can also specify the most convenient way to monitor it. Your task is to score the most goals for the competitors. The main manipulator is a mouse. The direction of movement is regulated by the cursor, and the character’s sight can be tracked by a pointer, this allows you to track the place of impact.

On the left key skill acceleration, indispensable with deceptive movements and running in The right button activates the kick. Control over the character is duplicated on the keyboard. The arrows control the movement, press C for fast running, and the X button for the kick.

Team ball io


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