The Last io is a fantastic battle royal game in which you need to remain the last survivor on the battlefield. The developers have come up with a new original strategy and graphics to differentiate themselves from the competition. The beginning of the game is very similar to Fortnite, but you have the opportunity to arm. If you smashed a dragon's egg, you will find a weapon with which you can immediately begin the battle.

How to play

This time you will fly not on a plane, but on a big dragon. Select a place on the map and go down with a parachute. After landing, you will find yourself in a village where you will see many trees, houses, chests, barrels and tents. If you do not have a weapon, then you need to urgently find it. Smash chests and barrels, go into the house, carefully look for weapons near trees and bushes. When you find a weapon, start a battle with rivals.

Your mission in game is to be the last survivor. Look for magical items to hit opponents in ranged combat. You must aim precisely, as players will not stand still. If your hero does not have magical abilities, you will have to fight with enemies in melee with a sword, spear or pickaxe. Take care of your health and run away from the red zone, otherwise you will lose!

The last io game control

To navigate the game map, use WASD. To hit with your hands or use a weapon, click the left button of a computer mouse. To pick up or use items, tap E.

The Last io


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