Thrower io

Thrower io is a game in which you will throw various objects at your opponents. The weapon you throw is returned to your hands. You need to kill other players in the game to earn the maximum points.

Focus on one opponent and throw your weapon at him. It can be: an ax, a hammer, a pickaxe or a boomerang. Before starting the game, select one of these items. In addition, you are provided with some cute skins that are different from other players.

Thrower io


Thrower io

You have two options to injure your opponent: when you throw in his direction or when your weapon returns to you. In order for the second option to work in, you need to take into account the flight path of the object you have thrown.

If you hit the target, the player will flash for a few seconds. To destroy it, you need to deliver another blow.


To set your character in motion, you must press the WASD keys.
To throw a weapon at an enemy, click the left mouse button.

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