Tribs io is an original game in which the authors took as a basis the mechanics of stone-scissors-paper. Nevertheless, the players have to take responsibility for the whole tribe of strong-willed and fight with other tribes, defeating the skills and cunning of even natural enemies. The main tasks in the Tribsio are two, and they depend on each other. The first to defeat the enemy tribes on the battlefield. Second is to pump your tribe through coins, buying boosters and attacks, as well as new skins and banners.

To win on the battlefield, you need to perform two simple things. It is to collect crystals and absorb the tribes against which you are strong. In turn, avoid your natural enemies. For the absorption of crystals and enemies your tribe will grow, and according to the results of the game will be credited with playing experience.

From the chests that are given for new levels in and which you can buy for money + crystals, you get new banners for your troops and tools for the battle. For example, a bomb. After bookmarking, it will work automatically when someone passes it. Thus, you can defend yourself against your natural enemies. When using bonuses it is important to understand that by selecting an available bonus, you see its amount. This number means how many battles you can take this bonus. And inside the battle itself you can use the bonus as many times as you like.

Tribs io


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