Voos io

Voos io is made so high quality and cool that it wants to really play! Welcome to the cramped world of Voos.io gangsters, where there is no place for two gangs!

How to play Voos io?

You need to assemble a team of the coolest and most dangerous mafia in order to alone conquer the whole district. In the upper right corner you can see your position in the ranking, and in the left corner shows the health of your gang and the number of hired fighters. The steeper the fighters, the more expensive they stand. But over time, all the money accumulates enough to afford everyone you want. It remains only to act very carefully so as not to get caught by the crazy bullets of rivals.

To earn money for hiring the coolest warriors, you need to break everything, ranging from small boxes, ending with buildings and a gang of rivals. The starting tactic is to hide in a corner and destroy the slowly large buildings to earn enough money for a more or less decent armada. And then you can go into the center of the arena and pour a barrage of cast lead all who disagree with your authority! And if you choose the GANG button in the main menu, you can buy a new gangster available for the earned prize money!

Voos.io Game Control

  • WASD to move
  • Click for shooting
  • Buttons 1-9 or A-Z to buy Mafia

Voos io


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