Xgar io

Xgar.io will immediately attract the attention of fans of the popular multiplayer Agario game. Xgario is a branch of Agario, but with new and fascinating additions. Your character will be a small ball, which will move on a huge map in the inventory of provisions.


Once your character is a little stronger and will gain weight, you can go to hunt for other players. In front of you are waiting for hot fights, because no one wants to lose and be eaten and so everyone is ready to fight to the last.

How to play Xgar.io

To get away from persecution or vice versa to make the enemy unawares and trap, you can divide into two and less and less. Also, you can view the entire map using zoom. Also, you are waiting for other innovations: teleport, which will help you to attack with impunity large enemies, the preservation of most of the mass after the loss, pushing their circles of great mass, etc. Have a nice game and good luck!

Xgar io


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