Yohoho io

New Battle royale io game about pirates Yohoho io will allow you to become a robber, who will hunt for gold. Gold has always been in the first place for pirates, so they could risk their lives for this. Run around the map and look for treasures scattered everywhere. You can also break the chests in which many gems are hidden.

How to play Yohoho io

Before you start the game you need to choose a pirate, which you will manage in the future. Next, try to collect as much gold as possible to rise to a higher level. The higher your level, the bigger and stronger you become. After you score a lot of points, you will have the opportunity to choose another pirate with a greater force of impact.

Control of the game

Pirate movements in Yohoho.io are performed by a computer mouse. To speed up your hero, hold down the left button or the spacebar. To use a weapon, you need to press the left button.

Yohoho io


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