Zombies With Guns io

Zombies With Guns io is a new first-person death fight, implemented in 3D graphics. You will fight for yourself and your team, which will be automatically determined by the system. Your game character Zombiewithguns.io will be a pixel warrior who will have a machine gun in his hands.

You will shoot at your opponents, running around the battlefield and trying to survive among the bullets flying near your head. You need to hide behind walls, drawers and other fixed objects so that the enemy could not kill you. In addition, watch for the number of shots so that the bullets do not end during a serious skirmish.

Zombies With Guns io


Zombie with guns io unblocked game

Cool game takes you to the pixel world where you can feel like a real warrior. Kill all the zombie warriors to become the leader in the game. You can change the skins of your hero, improve weapons, to make it easier to fight with other zombies.

Are you ready to meet dangerous rivals? You are in a place that is really very dangerous. But you have a weapon, so you can first protect yourself at least somehow. The game has several different modes, which are separate territories! Choose the character you want to play with, give him a name and start a survival game.

How to play

Run and explore as many territories as possible Zombieswithguns.io, kill all the zombies to earn a lot of points. Collect different types of weapons and first aid kits to always be able to fight off opponents. Try to regularly meet your basic needs, otherwise your character may die. Let's start the game!

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